There are many trends that have proved popular in the tattooing industry, however wrist tattoos for girls continue to be a favorite and this trend shows no sign of slowing down. While this is quite a public place to display body art, it can still be semi-hidden to a certain extent if desired. There are many beautiful styles, shapes, sizes and colors available for designs of this nature so it this appeals to you it should not be difficult to find one that accurately reflects your tastes and personality.

This is quite a good choice for those partaking in their first body art design as these are usually fairly small images that take less time to create and require a shorter period for healing too. While there will still be a certain amount of pain to tolerate, this will not last for very long as these do not take long to complete. Many of these designs are quite simplistic too as this is a very small area of skin so larger images are not suitable for wrist tattoos for girls. However, just because this may be one of the smaller tattoos around does not mean you can’t have an intricately detailed design if you so desire and these can be colorful or plain using one single ink color such as black if that is your preference.

Word, text and script designs are very popular at present particularly any that involve foreign languages or lettering such as Arabic, Hebrew, Greek, Latin, Chinese or Japanese symbols. One to three word designs look best on this location and you could choose things like a name, phrase or even your favorite quotation, anything that has some personal significance to you. Tribal art work is another favorite and can be created using the symbols of ancient tribes or images such as flowers, butterflies and animals drawn in the tribal style. A small tribal symbol inked on the wrist can be highly symbolic but also looks very sexy however it is essential to ensure you choose a smaller image as there is only a little space in this particular location.

Other widely requested images for wrist tattoos for girls include feminine symbols like bright colored hearts, flowers, stars and butterflies all of which look very pretty and cute, but extremely sexy too. It is important to always use a reputable tattooist as this will ensure you get a quality tattoo that you can display with pride. If possible, ask if he or she can show you a portfolio of previous work as this will give a good indication of their artistic ability as well as their tattooing skills and experience. After all, this is going to be on display most of the time so it is necessary to choose a design that reflects your personality and one that you will be proud of forever.

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