Word Tattoos For Girls

There is a rising demand within the tattooing industry for word tattoos for girls and if this idea appeals to you there are some important things you need to know before you get inked. This particular style of tattoo is fast replacing the standard popularly requested images of decades gone by. While there are some very evocative word tattoos for girls around to choose from that are suited to any part of the body, it is important to find one that expresses some profound personal message to you as an individual. Here are some helpful tips to make sure you get a quality tattoo in this style that you can relate to and display with pride.

This is a fairly specialized area so it is essential to find an experienced tattooist with the necessary skills required to implement such a design, particularly if you want a particular style of script or font used for the lettering. Therefore, it would be advisable to ask to view a portfolio with pictures of similar work using script or letters. If the tattoo is going to be placed on a smaller area of skin, the tattooist must have the artistic expertise to do a quality job as there is a danger of the letters looking smudged if it is not done properly. This brings us to the second point, which is to make sure you choose a font style that can be read clearly, although some may prefer the opposite effect so only a chosen few know the real meaning of the words. It is also essential to choose a body part where the skin won’t sag or stretch with age as this will distort the design and make it more difficult to read so consider this when selecting the location for placement.

When it comes to the color of ink used, most tattooists would recommend black as this will make the words easier to read and also because darker inks do not tend to fade long term like some other colors do. There are a variety of locations you can choose for the design but it is best with this kind of tattoo to keep the wording to a minimum due to space restrictions unless you want it on a larger canvas like the back or rib cage. Finally, when it comes to choosing the right words, try to find ones that are inspirational and empowering as these tend to make the most impact with word tattoos for girls. It is also worth thinking about how this message will be perceived as you get older so try to opt for words that will have longevity too.

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