Have you ever been sitting on the beach or by the pool and felt your eyes drawn to an attractive navel, thanks to a woman’s particular choice in body art? As far as these designs go, stomach tattoos for girls are certainly very fetching but there is something very sensual about this specific area that also enhances a woman’s femininity. There are various options for different designs that work well in this area from very simple discrete symbols to more elaborate larger works of art.

This is a very versatile design that looks great in different shapes and sizes however stomach tattoos for girls actually date back centuries when they were predominantly worn by women in India. In modern times, these also look great when accompanied by a pierced navel and the two combined can increase the sensuality of the navel and surrounding areas tenfold, with the right design of course. It is therefore important to find both a tattooist and a body piercer with the best skills and experience to implement these in an agreed time frame to suit your requirements.

One of the most flexible aspects of stomach tattoos for girls, is that they are not just restricted to the area around the belly button as they can also extend onto the pelvic area down one side or up to the breast area finishing just underneath if desired. Twirling vine and leaf designs work well for this style of tattoo often incorporating exotic flowers and plants or even butterflies, fairies and dragon fly images.

However there are a few downsides to a tattoo in that area which can affect the overall design over the years so it is worth considering these before you proceed. For example any weight gain or loss may cause the skin to stretch or sag which may distort the design so stomach tattoos for girls can be harder to maintain. Girls turn into women and many women go on to get pregnant and have children. As your stomach expands during pregnancy, then your tattoo will expand with it. Therefore it is a good idea to discuss care and maintenance for your completed tattoo with your tattoo artist as he will be able to advise you how what factors may cause it to change over time. Remember this is a serious decision to make as it will be part of your forever so it is important to make the right choice for the right reasons. Therefore, do not base your choice on popular demand or through the influence of another as this is a serious personal decision that has to be made by you and you alone. This is why it is important to do as much research in advance before getting inked to ensure you have thoroughly investigated your options as well as all the aspects involved in the process.

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