One of the most popular forms of body art at the moment are sleeve tattoos for girls which were previously more restricted to male tattoo enthusiasts. These basically cover a most of the skin around certain parts of the arm – sometimes the upper arm and sometimes the lower arm – but can also cover the whole arm like a sleeve too. This is a really cool form of tattoo but will involve a great deal of work as most are extremely details so it is essential to find an experience tattooist with the talent & skill to do it.

While sleeve tattoos for girls tend to be mostly done on arms, a similar version could be used for the leg also as this description covers any design where the ink takes up maximum space with very little skin showing through. On the arms, they do actually resemble sleeves of clothing such as a shirt or long sleeved top hence where the name originates. This is such a big trend at present that it is even possible to buy a shirt with an intricate tattoo design covering the sleeve for the same effect but obviously a less permanent option.

There is a great deal of detail involved in this style of tattoo so you can incorporate as many different images or symbols within it as you please however many tend to stick to a theme be it floral, oriental or otherwise. Some of the most popular designs involve traditional Japanese tattooing images like samurai warriors, koi carp, dragons and cheery blossom which can all be entwined to make one very beautiful tattoo design. Floral images which include interwoven flowers and leaves are also popular and are a very feminine version of this style of body art. Celtic designs also work well as sleeve tattoos for both men and women with intricate knot work combined with other Celtic signs and symbols like animals and flowers. Another popular design is tribal patterns which look really cool however with the thick dark lines do produce a more masculine effect so if you want an alternative to more girly versions then this may appeal to you. There is also a wide range of different tribal artwork available so you can choose the one that suits you best be it Maori, Hawaiian or any other.

One of the most important factors to consider if you are going ahead with this style of tattoo is the time and work involved. These are very large designs that involve intricate detail and a great deal of work for the tattooist so these can take a long time and many sessions in the tattoo parlor to complete. As a result, these tend to be among the more expensive tattoo designs so you need to bare this in mind as well as committing yourself to the time involved in the process. These can often cost several hundred dollars and some customized designs may even set you back a few thousand. If this still has not put you off sleeve tattoos for girls then make sure you have the time and patience before you commit to the work. After all, on average these can take around twenty sessions at an hour a piece so that is twenty hours and subject to the availability of the tattooist this could take twenty weeks to finish. However if you have set your heart on this then the time and effort will be well worth the reward in the end.

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