In the past decade male and female tastes in tattoo designs have merged and certain body parts are no longer dominated by male tattoo enthusiasts.  Many women are now opting for more masculine designs and girly locations like the ankle and wrist are being shunned in favor of shoulder tattoos for girls and other similar body art designs. Tattoos on the whole are now a lot more socially acceptable so there is now very little stigma attached to any design or the body part chosen for its placement.

As the demand for female tattoos continues to grow, lower back tattoos are still very popular but there are other locations more associated previously with men that are being favored by women today. These include shoulder tattoos for girls which generally come in two main types, on the shoulder itself or on and around the shoulder blades, with a multitude of potential designs to choose from. This is an ideal area for any woman who prefers to have her tattoos covered up some of the time and it is easy to either conceal or display a tattoo in this area.

As a whole, women in general will request feminine, pretty designs that are highly symbolic and these include the likes of butterflies and fairies, dolphins and flowers, zodiac signs and tribal symbols. However, it is important to ensure that the selected design will look right in this particular location so placement is key as some images look better than others in particular areas. If the placement is correct a women will be able to show of her tattoo with pride but if she chooses not to display it for whatever reason she can cover it up fairly easily and keep it out of sight if desired.

The nape of a woman’s neck and her shoulders is supposedly a highly sensual area that will unwittingly attract attention from the opposite sex so shoulder tattoos for girls will accentuate this and therefore make a very sexy tattoo design. This is also a bold way for an independent woman to express herself, and, with so many different shapes and sizes of tattoos around, she can portray herself any way she chooses. There are some really trendy designs available which are both pretty and stylish so this is definitely body art for those who want to make and impact and stand out from the crowd.

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