Psychologically, the very thought of tattooing on the rib cage may invoke images of pain, among both men and women. This can be an excruciatingly painful experience but like most things it is a case of mind over matter and rib tattoos for girl are often well worth it. This is one of the thinnest areas of skin on a very bony area of the body and with the needle penetrating between 50 and 3,000 times each minute, how much pain is required to gain a rib cage piece of body art? Ask yourself this question before committing to this specific journey of self expression.

The end result will bring a great deal of satisfaction as you show off your unique and sexy tattoo in one of the more unusual locations, and this is enough to motivate some. It is also a large area with plenty of scope to create upon, plus it is perfectly symmetrical making it ideal to enhance many of the tattoo designs around. With the endless possibilities and wide space available for the creation of an exquisite tattoo, it is not surprising that the rib cage is popular with both sexes.

Men like rib tattoos because they give definition to a good physique and men like to look masculine. However, it helps if you have a good boy to start with as you will want to flaunt your tat with pride after enduring the pain involved in its creation. Popular male designs in this area include koi fish, dragon, tiger, panther and snake designs. Fantasy beings like angels and fairies can also be found here along with flowers and quotations.

Young women are getting more daring to when it comes to tattoos, in both the chosen design and location for placement. Many will even opt for rib tattoos for girls as their very first tattoo surprisingly enough. The most commonly chosen designs here feature flowers such as roses, lotus, lilies and cherry blossoms or exotic Hawaiian style flora along with classic feminine symbols like pretty butterflies and stars in differing shapes, sizes and colors. All of these work well on a girl’s rib cage. Grown up girls like tattoos that enhance and highlight their bodies curves, so it is not surprising many women therefore opt for intriguing tattoos on their rib cage. Text and lettering, in names, words or quotes look sexy on a woman’s side and script lettering is popular too. Animals are much sought after too particularly birds and fish, as are butterflies, stars and tropical flowers in vibrant hues and intricate detail. Angels and fairies are always popular with women of all ages and can often be found adorning a girl’s rib cage.

There is no doubt that rib tattoos for girls are a growing trend, perhaps because they make such a definitive and strong statement. They certainly can give one’s personality an edge too so it is not surprising that so many are catching on to this ‘latest thing’ and taking the plunge with a rib cage tattoo. As its popularity continues to rise, we are sure to see this design develop further with some even more interesting twists. And, with such an amazing canvas to work upon we are sure to see some additional artistic surprises in the years ahead.

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