Pretty Tattoos For Girls

While tattooing has actually been around for centuries, in more recent times it was generally restricted to men until the last decade when tattooing for women went from a fashion trend almost to a way of life. Now it is widely accepted as the norm by society in general and there is no longer any stigma attached to having a tattoo.Female celebrities were among the first to endorse this displaying pretty tattoos for girls with pride rather than having it discretely placed in a secret concealed location.

Gone are the days when women sporting tattoos were considered rebellious bad girls of low virtue and thankfully times have definitely changed. Women’s choices in tattoos however, do vary greatly from their male counterparts and tend to be pretty, feminine designs as a whole. There are some women who prefer a more aggressive masculine style design including very large designs that cover a great deal of their chosen body part but most girls go for a more discrete smaller image. These can be found everywhere from the upper back and shoulders down to the lower back, stomach, ankle and foot areas. Chinese symbols chosen for their significance to the individual can often be seen on the inner arm or wrist as can zodiac glyphs, sun signs plus names, dates and other text. If you are looking at this option in pretty tattoos for girls, and are considering getting a lover’s name tattooed on your body, remember the tattoo will be there forever and the relationship may not.

The most popularly requested pretty tattoos for girls include flowers on their own or in a group and these are very beautiful, extremely feminine designs that look great anywhere. Stars are also widely requested not just because they look good but because of the strong symbolic meaning they represent. Girls also love butterflies so it is not surprising that this is a firm favorite which makes a great looking tattoo as do fairies which seem to appeal to many for their magical traits as well as the aesthetics. Anything that has a romantic theme symbolizing love such as the heart is also popular while other favorable choices include dragon fly designs, dolphins and Zodiac signs. One recent trend has seen the latter recreated in Chinese style script while the dolphin design is popular for those who want to embody its positive traits like intelligence, benevolence and fun. These are just a few of the most commonly requested feminine designs however your individual choice is solely down to your personal preference. Just remember that whatever you decide, choose wisely as this will be with you forever.

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