Neck Tattoos For Girls

The art of tattooing has been practiced around the world for centuries from the indigenous Ainu tribe in ancient Japan with their facial tattoos to the Polynesians and other tribes’ people across Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas. Nowadays however, they play a huge part in our modern lives and are no longer just for rock stars, gangsters and the rebels in society. It is no surprise therefore that neck tattoos for girls are growing in popularity. While this may one of the more sensitive areas to get a tattoo, the pain is generally worth it because when done properly they look fantastic. Most of these designs are quite small but they still attract the eye and compel attention. The nape of the neck is commonly requested by women as it can be concealed by long hair if required.

Designs of a floral nature are popular here as it is very feminine so it is not surprising this is the dream tattoo for many girls symbolizing love, innocence and purity. Roses are among the favorite neck tattoos for girls as it looks pretty and can mean beauty and love, pain or sacrifice. The lotus, magnolia, jasmine and sunflower are also popular female tattoo designs. Many men go for text tattoos in a foreign script but this trend is also growing in popularity with their female counterparts as they look really good on women. However, these work best if they are not too large or prominent so something discrete like Chinese characters, Jewish text or Hebrew script are ideal. These are even more apt if you are religious as they can be used as an expression of your beliefs. Other text from cultures like Hinduism or Buddhism are also being requested by many as they offer women the opportunity to display their spirituality and Japanese script tattoos are pretty cool too. However, it is worth making sure the text actually means what you think it does, especially if it was chosen to represent your beliefs.

One of the most popular tattoos for any location is the butterfly which both women and girls can sport with pride. The metamorphosis process symbolizes rebirth and it is this as much as it’s elegant design which appeals. A feminine butterfly tattoo placed on the nape of a girl’s neck cannot fail to look attractive and cute too. Zodiac signs and other symbols as well as angels are also favorites with the girls and they all look great as neck tattoos for girls particularly if they make a statement or tell a story about the individual. A tattoo on the neck will always attract attention, particularly on girls as they may peep out from under the hair as it sways from side to side across the shoulders. If you are considering this kind of tattoo make sure it suits your personality and sums up your character traits completely.

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