Leo Tattoos For Girls

There is a huge demand for body art designs with a zodiac theme and this seems to be particularly popular with female tattoo fans, so if this idea appeals to you then you may want to know more about Leo tattoos for girls. As the fifth sign of the zodiac, this is represented by the proud lion, or lioness, and those born between 23rd July and August 22nd are all Leos. These are the biggest extroverts out of all the zodiac sign so if you know a girl who is a bit of a party animal then chances are they may be a Leo. Having a cool tattoo that they can show off and display with pride, is especially appealing to those born under this sign of the zodiac as they love to shine and be the centre of attraction.

These dynamic individuals are ruled by the sun so this celestial body in particular is often used in Leo tattoos for girls on areas such as the ankle, hip, lower back, belly button or the nape of the neck, which is an especially sensual part of the female body. This can be depicted in a variety of differing styles and sizes in bright vibrant golden yellow, red and orange of even in plain black for those who prefer a different approach. Tribal art work is often used by girls who want a bold, distinctive design that will make a prominent impact when inked on female skin in dark monochrome black or grey. This is ideal for those who want a design that is less ‘girly’ than some of the more traditionally feminine images often used. The glyph symbol for this zodiac sign is linked to the heat and energy of the sun, so this is often used in conjunction with the sun’s image for tattoos of this nature. It is also used on its own for smaller body art designs for placement in areas such as the inner wrist or the back of the neck.

The most widely requested image used in Leo tattoos for girls however has to be the lioness herself and designs of this type vary considerably in shape, size and style too. There are many images to choose from if this particular idea appeals to you so you should have no problem finding one to suit your chosen body part perfectly. A lioness image set against an exotic a background such as an African plain make beautiful body art on a larger canvas of skin. Alternatively you may prefer just the lion’s head in a plain black outline or silhouette form in a tribal style or otherwise which can also be used in conjunction with the Leo glyph.

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