When it comes to hip tattoos for girls, this form of body art is one of the most sensual you can get.  It can be discretely placed so that it can be covered up most of the time and shown off to a select few when you choose. If these appeal to you, then you should find a good gallery of designs that have been specifically created with hip tattoos in mind. It is also worth remembering that this is supposedly one of the most painful places to be tattooed as due to lack of fat here, the layers of skin are very thin around the bone and the nerves will therefore be in close proximity to the needle. Bare this in mind if considering a sexy tattoo in this area and decide if the end result will be worth the pain.

If you do decide to proceed, you want to ensure that you have a good tattoo to show for the pain involved so always go for a high quality design that is individual and looks great. Perhaps you are unsure what kind of design you want for your tattooed so check out some of the hip tattoos for girls available in galleries online. You could even consider a design for another area and customize it to suit your chosen body part. The choices in design are limitless and the decision on which one to go for is entirely up to you.

Your design should mean something to you and just because it is discretely tucked away out of sight, it can still make a statement about you. If the design does not have a personal meaning or accurately sums up your personality then maybe it’s not the right one for you so take some time to find one that suits you perfectly. You must be absolutely certain that you love everything about it and don’t end up regretting your decision. You can peruse thousands of designs all in one location online and even select a few different ones, pick out parts of each and put them together to create your own.

Remember, your tattoo will be there forever so you want to be creative and choose a design that is unique so it is important to research all the hip tattoos for girls before making your final decision. You could even make your own gallery be selecting all the designs you like and putting the best ones aside to study at your leisure before committing yourself to the final design.

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