Nowadays, tattoos are no longer just for men so it is not surprising that foot tattoos for girls are becoming extremely popular. This is definitely one of the more unique places to get tattooed, however like any other area of the body careful consideration needs to be taken before committing to this major decision. To help you, here are some useful tips.

Firstly, let’s look at the benefits as people have many different reasons for this. Many are unsure how advisable it is to get a tattoo on the foot but this is actually good for a number of reasons. It is not as common as the lower back or arms so foot tattoos are still relatively unusual so this will help you feel unique and stand out a bit from other girls with tattoos. A tattoo in this area is also more subtle than the more obvious ones in other areas. This is ideal for those who require discretion on occasion as it can be covered up completely or you can flash a hint of it if you don’t want to display it in full view all of the time. It is also the perfect location for the placement of a small tattoo to show off or conceal as you please.

However on the down side, many tattooists wont do foot tattoos for girls as the flesh here is very close to the capillaries and bones which can cause problems, another reason these designs are not as common. The ink also tends to spread and scatter faster here blurring any detail in some instances and often need to be re-done more than tattoos in other areas.

Being so close to the bone, this can be pretty painful as there a very thin layer of skin covering the foot unlike many other tattoos which are done on areas with plenty of flesh. More skin generally means less pain so with the foot the pain may continue after the process has been completed and you may have some discomfort using your feet for a while afterwards. It is therefore important to factor in recovery time and reduce your activities to give this tattoo time to heal, which can take a few weeks. During this period, the tattoo must also be kept clean and dry, plus it is essential to avoid any rubbing. This can be difficult unless you avoid closed shoes completely.

So these are just a few pointers to consider as a precaution before you take on the challenge of foot tattoos for girls. However, if you are still keen the best way to proceed is to find a reputable tattoo artist with the experience to do it. Not all tattooists will be willing so try to find one who has done it before as this will reduce the pain factor to a minimum and ensure it is done properly. A smaller design would also be a good option as these look great on feminine feet but involve less pain and less risk of blurring. Getting a tattoo on the foot can be a whole new experience even for avid tattoo enthusiasts who have past experience of the process. Therefore make sure you know what to expect and are willing to accept what is involved before getting a tattoo on your foot.

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