There have been many favorite images that have come and gone in the tattooing industry over the years but cross tattoos for girls continue to be popular and not just by young Christian women either. This was previously a popular way to express one’s religious beliefs, after all it is probably the most universally recognized symbols in the world, symbolizing Christianity and all this faith stands for. However, in our modern society it is also being chosen by tattoo enthusiasts everywhere, for both religious and spiritual reasons too.

Fortunately there are a great many designs available for this style of tattoo and it is not just the Christian cross that is used. There are also many other types of cross, all of which have their own rich history and symbolic significance so it is not difficult to find one that suits your requirements in cross tattoos for girls. While many still opt for this image to as an expression of their faith in God, there are other designs that even pre-date Christianity that may appeal to the more spiritually minded.  Some of these designs are very elaborate and can make a strong visual impact as body art while others are more basic and simplistic in nature. The latter is probably more suitable for those who wish to celebrate the simplicity of their faith while the former cover designs like the Celtic, Iron, Egyptian or Tribal cross.

The Celtic cross is a very popular choice and consists of a knotted pattern – which is synonymous with all Celtic artwork – depicting a ring at the centre with a simple cross laid over it. This looks fantastic as a small tattoo on the arm or ankle but also works well as a bigger design on a larger location perhaps gracing the female back. Germany’s Iron Cross was a military honor awarded to German soldiers before the second world war and signifies great courage, bravery and honor prior to Nazi rule in the country. This is now a very cool tattooing trend that has emerged in more recent times.

Another outstanding design in cross tattoos for girls has to be the Egyptian Cross or Ankh as it is often known. The also can trace its origins back to pre-Christian ages and is a very unique and beautiful design which is the symbol of life. This pretty symbol is a cross with a rounded loop on top and makes a very cool small tattoo for the wrist, ankle or nape of the neck. However when it comes to alternative versions of the traditional cross then the tribal design has to be one of the most commonly requested. Tribal tattoos in general were used to express status and significant bonds to a specific village or tribe however now they are one of the most versatile images around. To help your body art stand out from the crowd, these can be combined with other images like hearts, flowers or animals which makes the design much more unique to the individual. If you want to avoid obvious Christian connotations with your choice of cross tattoo then the Tribal or Celtic crosses are ideal. However, at the end of the day the decision should be made based on your own personal tastes and preferences and as long as you are happy with your choice then you will have a tattoo to be proud of.

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