It is well known that many women today have tattoos, more so than in any other day and age. Tattoos have definitely become more widely accepted in our modern society and are more common place than ever before so it is not surprising that women want their tattooist to create cool tattoos for girls that they can make their own. So what exactly makes a particular design ‘cool’? This varies considerably depending on the individual’s ideas and preference. Ideally it should be one that accurately reflects your personality, individuality, tastes and beliefs, after all it will be a permanent fixture on your body forever more.

There are certain tattoos that are more popular with girls than others and these are usually timeless classics, that will flatter any of us and can also be customized to give a more unique twist to the design. Certain body parts are also more commonly requested than others.

Designs featuring stars make cool tattoos for girls as these are pretty but simplistic and can be either filled in with the ink colour of your choice or just done in a black outline. These can be customized too with some simple embellishments such as curving the lines for a sleeker shape or by decorating the points of the star in some way. Celestial themed tattoos in other styles are also popular as well, with plenty of women opting for a tribal styled sun in a basic circle with lines emulating from it to give the appearance of rays. Again you can use your imagination for your own take on this design by making the lines wavy or foregoing the circle and having the rays extending outward from your belly button.

The navel is actually a popular area for women to get tattooed as are other locations close by like the hip or side. This is a great way to tantalize any man lucky enough to catch a glimpse of it and is guaranteed to get you male attention as these designs are fun and flirty but also very feminine and sported by those who like to be individual. However if discretion appeals more to you, then how about considering a small design on the ankle?  The lower back is also commonly requested by many women and this is great for a larger design as it can be concealed when necessary or shown off as required. There are many cool tattoos for girls that fit perfectly here and the smoothness of the skin in this area makes it easier for the tattooist leaving you with a great end result. Men find it incredibly sexy if they catch a flash of tattoo in this area so don’t underestimate the power of the ink on the lower back. Ultimately whatever design and location you choose is entirely up to you but with so many pretty and fun tattoos to choose from it won’t be hard to find a popular style that suits you perfectly.

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