There is one particular image that has reigned supreme in the tattooing industry and that is the bird, and around the world bird tattoos for girls in particular are still very much in demand. Throughout the centuries, across the globe and from culture to culture, this has long taken precedence as a symbol of freedom, of the soul, spirit and mind. With their ability to fly high in the skies, this is one creature that always seems to be much closer to heaven than any other. Perhaps this is why many cultural beliefs view them as carriers of departed spirits, transporting them on their final journey to heaven above.

Ancient folklore tales often depict heroes accompanied by birds on their quest to conquer dragons, ogres, monsters and other fearsome enemies. The bird or birds would often fly ahead and report back to the hero on any potential obstacles that may lie in wait and this is where the modern day expression ‘a little bird told me’ originates. Birds are also closely linked with religion as well as the mystical and their history can be traced back to the dawn of time. The tombs of ancient Egyptian pyramids were discovered with stick drawings of bird figures within them and they were also used to adorn costumes in African weddings and other traditional rituals. However, the Christian depiction of angles and cherubs with their wings that allow them to fly are also believed to symbolize birds.

As far as bird tattoos for girls go, these tend to be full of very positive symbolism and this is a popular choice for their first body art. These can feature one bird on its own or a pairing of birds perhaps in opposing colors or characteristics such as light and dark to represent the dual nature of life. After all night always follows day, sadness and happiness co-exist and there is no good without evil so this is quite a popular theme for this kind of tattoo. The bird may often be featured with other images to alter the meaning of the design, for example a bird fighting a serpent symbolizes the battle of good over evil. However there are other connotations in different parts of the world which add a completely alternative take on this image. To the Chinese, there are sexual overtones in such a body art design as the bird is known as niao which unfortunately is also the name for part of the male genitalia! This also ties in with the meaning of a cock as a rooster but also as a penis which stems back to ancient Rome.

There are other more negative associations with birds too including the insulting term ‘bird brain’, often used in the West including Germany where ‘have a bird’ means someone is insane. However, on the whole the meanings behind bird tattoos for girls may vary depending on the type of bird chosen. The most popularly requested birds are birds of prey like the eagle, swallows, doves and sparrows as well as peacocks, hummingbirds and birds of paradise.

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