If you are a female tattoo enthusiast who is considering back tattoos for girls it is just as important to select the right placement for it as well as your ideal design. Combining both these elements in just the right way will ensure you end up with a cool tattoo that adequately celebrates your femininity and expresses your personality too.

Many girls opt for the centre of the lower back for this kind of tattoo just above the waistline or even inline with it. This looks great with low cut jeans and cropped tops that will allow a girl to display a design in this area with ease and confidence. There are several benefits in having a tattoo in this area not least because it offers subtlety and the opportunity to flaunt it with pride. At first glance you may not spot it and with certain clothing it may not be noticed at all so it provides the best of both worlds whether you want to show it off or conceal it.

On the negative side, this is one of the most common areas for girls to have a tattoo and so most of the designs chosen for this location are far from unique. It was also associated with loose women or those girls with a rebellious streak and was labeled by many as the “tramp stamp” for these reasons. However in forty years time these styles of back tattoos for girls could more humorously be referred to as the “gramp stamp” given the number of elderly women who will still be sporting this on their skin when they grow old. After all, any tattoo is going to be a permanent fixture but how many girls think about how it will appear in their golden years?

These low center back designs also have another disadvantage in that they are seldom seen by the wearer unless they look in the mirror, although the same could be said for any other tattoo on the back area too. If you want to look at your body art on a regular basis without the use of a strategically placed mirror then perhaps you should consider an alternative location.  However if you have set your mind on one off these low center back tattoos then rise above the slang terms and derogatory connotations and go for it. On the other hand if you want to get away from the more common elements of back tattoos for girls then why not consider one that is off centre. You could have it placed on one side or the other or alternatively perhaps even have it inked just above the hips for a more contemporary take on this popular design.

The latter will also be advantageous as you can view it more easily and it is also rarer making it a more unique choice of location. However, perhaps in a few years time there will be a surge in demand for tattoos in this area as trends come and go frequently in the tattooing industry but in the short term it will definitely be less common. Another option if you want to be different is to avoid commonly chosen symbols like the rose or butterfly and opt for a design that is more like a mural as this will life your tattoo from just another piece of body art. In fact, with the canvas provided this could end up as your own mini work of art, a masterpiece stretching from one part of your back to the other.

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