In our modern world more girls than ever before are opting to get tattooed and girls tattoo designs are now just as popular as ever. In decades past, tattoos for girls were predominantly restricted to the lower echelons of society like bikers, street gangs and prison inmates. Tattoo designs were often crude in style and limited to just a few colors of ink and homemade inkings were done frequently often providing a permanent reminder of a botched up job done quickly and often on impulse. However over the past decade or so body art has become the height of cool and sophistication for all elements of society and any stigma associated with either sex having a tattoo is long gone. This is partly due to the rise in demand thanks to celebrity endorsement and the numerous changes to designs, styles and inks used in 21st Century tattooing. Tattoos are no longer just a basic image representing little of significance to the wearer but are now full blown works of art rich in symbolism. This is the perfect way for many girls to express their personality, character traits or beliefs in a very individual manner.

Girl’s body art looks very sexy and extremely attractive, particularly when it is done by a skilled tattooist with the talent and experience to produce a quality design. Popular areas for girls tattoo designs include the navel, wrist, ankle and lower back however back tattoos for girls are now extending to cover the upper and whole back area too. Back in the nineties when hipster skirts and cropped tops were all the rage, back tattoos for girls saw a surge in popularity, particularly designs for the lower back area. This was the perfect location for girls to show off their body art and their bodies as tattoos for this specific area were designed to accentuate curves and highlight the female form. A decade or so later and these are still a favorite with many girls today however tattoo designs of this nature are no longer restricted to the lower back, the upper back is also popular and some female tattooists opt for designs that run down the length of the back on one side or the other and even have body art that covers the whole back area.

Lower back tattoos used to be referred to as the “Tramp Stamps” so perhaps this is why girls are opting for more elaborate designs that run the whole length of the back now instead. This is still a good location for female tattoo enthusiasts whose profession may prohibit the display of body art in the work place. It is easy to conceal under clothing when necessary but also perfect to provide a tantalizing glimpse when desired too. This is also one of the most sensual parts of the body so giving just a hint that there is something hidden there can increase a man’s attraction considerably.

Celtic crosses and tribal patterns are popular images that are widely requested as a central point for many female tattoos of this nature however butterflies, dolphins, stars, hearts and dragons are also favorites. Any other design which involves shapes that swirl or twist such as vines, wings and flames are also very popular. There are also certain styles and shapes of tattoo that are designed with a girl’s body in mind that can enhance her shape and accentuate curve which make girls tattoo deigns the ultimate in sexy body art. Images are either V-shaped or elongated with a wide centre section that thins out towards the sides will dramatically highlight the natural curve of the body for maximum visual impact. Popular images used in this area include angel wings and birds, dragonflies and butterflies as well as oriental themed images such as koi fish and dragons. Floral designs are another favorite with girls and the back looks great with colorful flowers inked in different shapes, sizes and colors on. This is a large canvas of skin on which your tattooist can really let lose with his artistic skills and creative imagination to produce a really awesome tattoo you can be proud of forever.

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